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Crissy wanted me to paint her as the classic 1954 Elvgren pin up “Bedside Manner,” and incorporate her favorite color, robin’s egg blue, to give to her husband on their anniversary.


Wendy also wanted to be painted as the classic Elvgren pin up “Bedside Manner” in her favorite color forest green, as a birthday gift for her Pro Wrestler hubby Ric Flair.


Comedienne Nicole Arbour calls her pin up portrait “Nicoletini.” I made sure to incorporate her sass into the portrait. “Eeee! I love it!!” – Nicole


Tara Strong is a popular voice actress, so I incorporated elements of some of her favorite characters into her pin up portrait. “I look at this everyday and it gives me so much strength because it reminds me of who I am.” – Tara


Like me, Rachel is a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. She wanted me to paint her as Marilyn in the iconic “Street Walker” photo shoot to give to her husband for their 10th anniversary.


Donna commissioned this piece as a gift to herself after turning 50. She wanted a reminder that she is beautiful at any age.
“Gorgeous! I can almost feel the texture of the boa. I can’t wait to see it in person!!” – Donna

Oh my gosh! It looks amazing!  It’s so crazy to see myself as a pinup! Thank you!

- Stacey

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