How it Works

Ever wanted to be a gorgeous pin up model?

Now you can! (for as little as $250)

I will capture your inner bombshell and immortalize it in a stunning pin up portrait you will treasure forever!

Once you have sent me a Pin Up request we will discuss what you want in your Pin Up portrait via email or phone:

  •  1950’s style or modern
  •  Your pose and what you want accentuated: legs, bust, butt
  •  Your clothing: bathing suit, evening gown, short shorts, etc.
  •  Elements of your personality you want to incorporate into the portrait (small items like a beach ball, camera, etc. are not an additional cost. Large items like a horse or a car ARE an additional cost)

After we discuss what you want in your Pin Up portrait I will draw up a sketch for you, which you get to keep. You can then tell me if you want any changes or approve it.

Robyn sketch

Once you approve the sketch, I begin your portrait!

I will email you pictures of the progress so you can watch her come to life.  While the waiting list may be 2 -4 weeks out, once I start your portrait, it typically takes only 2 – 4 days to complete (3-6 days for pin up fairies).

click to enlarge

I’m Ready to Get Started!

“This started out as a treat for my husband, but wound up as a most uplifting experience for me. It has been a total joy to see my inner, never lost, cute & sexy self come to life at your hand! What total joy this experience has brought to my life!” Ten Tiller