Color Pencil Gallery


Britney commissioned this piece as a 1 year anniversary gift for her husband. She thought it would be cute to have me draw her as a black cat since their anniversary is near Halloween. 


This is Janet’s 3rd piece with me. She commissioned this one, in a Hawaiian theme, to go with some vintage framed Hawaiian post cards she has on her wall.


Michelle loves pink! She commissioned this sparkly piece as a gift to herself.


Nikki’e husband commissioned 3 pieces of his wife to celebrate her beating breast cancer. He is a former F-16 pilot she he wanted one of the pieces to be his wife reimagined as WWII nose art.


Vanessa is a voice over artist. She commissioned this as a gift to herself. At the time, she was doing voice work for a podcast series on the Godesses of Greek Mythology so she had me reimagine her as Selene, the moon goddess.


You may recognize Pauley from NCIS. She is a an LGBTQ activist and thought it would be fun to incorporate the rainbow into her angel wings. She’s hilarious, sassy and extremely generous. I think this really captures her spirit. 


Thera commissioned this as a birthday gift for her husband who is a Trekkie. After I completed this, I shared it on X and William Shatner saw it and liked it. Thera and her husband were so excited about that, they printed up the X post with William Shatner’s “like”, framed it and hung it next to this pin up portrait! laughing


This is Lori’s 5th commission with me! She wanted something to hang in her new home and that would capture the relationship between her and her horse Han Solo.


This is Cindy’s second piece with me. She commissioned this as an anniversary gift for her husband. They own a tricked out school bus called “The Heathen Hauler” that is very popular in her town, so she thought it would be cute if I drew her as naughty school girl with their famous bus in the background. 


Debbit commissioned this piece as an anniversary gift for her husband. She wanted me to put her in her favorite pants and boots leaning on her husband’s 65 Shelby Cobra, which has a custom irridecent paint job.




This looks fab-tastic!!!!! And was such a fun experience. I can’t wait to give it to him.

- Stephanie

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