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Dawn commissioned this color pencil pin up as a gift for her hubby. He loves it when she wears her leather vest and chaps… I poured her into them for her pin up.


Krista commissioned this color pencil pin up to give to her husband for Valentine’s Day. He is a lineman, which is one of those guys who works way up on the power lines so we incorporated his tools and tool bag into the portrait.

I love it when my pin up girls incorporate elements of their significant others into their portrait… because that is love!


Robyn side by side

Robyn heard me when I was on 102.5 The Bone in Tampa talking about my pin ups.

She decided she wanted one for herself so she commissioned this color pencil. Her bedroom is in pink, black and white so she asked if she could have a pink background instead of the antique wash. She was so excited once she saw it start to come to life she said, “Two years ago I got out of a bad relationship. This pin up has given me a boost of confidence to get back out there, you know what I mean?” That’s what pin up portraits are all about, making you (or the woman you love) feel empowered and beautiful.


Meaghan’s hubby commissioned this color pencil pin up as a birthday gift for her. During our chat on the phone, I asked him what sort of things she likes that I could incorporate into her portrait. He said she loves coffee and her favorite color is purple. Voila!

Lavishly Tan

Sunless tanner Lavishly Tan commissioned me to create their Lavishly Tan girl, which will be used on business cards, their Facebook page, etc. Pin up girls are a great idea to use in your business logo They will not only add character to your brand but are an image that is hard to forget! This is color pencil, btw.


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This is Janet’s second pin up portrait (click/tap to see her Sexy Cop pin up). She is also the first to commission a pin up portrait on a black background, which really pops! I’m hoping to do a lot more of these. I love the look!


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Michelle commissioned this oil pin up as a gift for her husband. She actually gave this to him on HER birthday! Best wife ever, right? After she gave it to him she said, “HE LOVED IT!! He said you captured everything, even the expression I make. Perfect!”


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Aricka commissioned this color pencil pin up as a Valentine’s Day gift for her boyfriend.
He’s a big Detroit Lion’s fan so I put her in a Lion’s cut off jersey. That’s her boyfriend’s last name on the back and 20 is the day of the month he was born. When I create a pin up for you, we will have fun incorporating your or your lover’s favorite things into the portrait so it will be a truly custom, one of a kind piece of art that will be treasured always!


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Kimberly commissioned this color pencil as a Valentine’s Day gift for her hubby who is a Sergeant in the army. I just love doing patriotic pin ups!


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Trina commissioned this color pencil pin up as a gift for her boyfriend. His dream car is a ’62 Chevy Impala so I included it in the pin up. Hot girls and sexy cars… two things every guy loves!



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