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Tamilee Webb

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You may know Tamilee Webb from the Buns of Steel series of workout videos.

She is one of the more popular fitness celebrities

I was particularly excited to create this pin up for her because she has been a huge part of my fitness regimen for over 20 years.


Crissy wanted me to paint her as the classic 1954 Elvgren pin up “Bedside Manner” as a gift for her husband. I added Crystal moon powder to the shoes, earrings and drapes to make this pin up sparkle. Upon seeing the final piece Crissy said “It’s so classy. I love it! It’s beautiful. My husband is going to flip out!”

See more of Crissy’s Pinup come to life!


Meaghan’s hubby commissioned this color pencil pin up as a birthday gift for her. During our chat on the phone, I asked him what sort of things she likes that I could incorporate into her portrait. He said she loves coffee and her favorite color is purple. Voila!



Ericka commissioned this color pencil pin up as a birthday gift for her hubby who is a drummer and a huge Van Halen fan. She also asked me to include her favorite shoes into the pin up.

When seeing the completed pin up she said,  “I absolutely love it!!!! Donald is absolutely going to fall in love. Thank you so much for taking so much time to get exactly what we wanted !!!! Younger me is hot!!!”


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Meghann commissioned this color pencil portrait to give to her husband for his birthday. She asked me to put her in this gorgeous red velvet corset she owned. When I completed the portrait she could not wait until her hubby’s birthday so she gave it to him early.

When Meghann gave this to her husband he posted this on my Facebook page:

“OMG my wife just gave me this picture as a gift and I COULD NOT be more happy about it! I am absolutely ecstatic!!! Beautiful work of the most beautiful woman in the world! I plan to have her inked on my forearm next. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the most priceless gift I’ve ever received possible!!!”


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Candice commissioned this color pencil pin up to give to her Firefighter hubby for Valentine’s Day. Upon seeing the completed pin up she said,

“Oh wow!!!! I’m in love… with myself I love it!!! Thank you thank you!!”


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Alicia commissioned this color pencil portrait to give to her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. She’s a Dallas Cowboy’s fan so it was an enormous act of love – in my opinion – for her to have me draw her in a Packers jersey! I also incorporated the music notes to the song “Faithfully” by Journey as that is their song. It is the part where he sings “Forever yours… faithfully.”


Krista commissioned this color pencil pin up to give to her husband for Valentine’s Day. He is a lineman, which is one of those guys who works way up on the power lines so we incorporated his tools and tool bag into the portrait.

I love it when my pin up girls incorporate elements of their significant others into their portrait… because that is love!


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Chantel commissioned this color pencil to give to her husband for Valentine’s Day. She wanted me to recreate Elvgren’s pin up “Help Wanted” circa 1960 with her face, her hubby’s Chevy Nova and my touch.

Here’s what she said upon seeing it: “Wow! This is sooo hot! I love it so, too! Really! I can’t wait to give it to him!”

Actress Phoebe Price

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This was a special commission for model and actress Phoebe Price. Rather than wanting a pin up portrait, Phoebe gave me free rein. She has long, gorgeous red hair so I wanted that to be the focus. I also gave her a touch of The Little Mermaid as well. You can follow Phoebe on Instagram here


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Maggie commissioned this color pencil pin up as a Valentine’s Day gift for her husband. She wanted his favorite car, a Porsche Cayman, in the pin up as well. Her outfit is inspired by the last scene in Grease… “Tell me about it, stud.”


Becky side by side

Becky commissioned this color pencil pin up as a Father’s Day gift for her hubby.

She gave me quite the challenge as she wanted me to incorporate The Pittsburgh Steelers, The Tampa Bay Lightning and her hubby’s Flying V guitar all into the pin up… and I needed to do all this without taking the focus away from her. Mission accomplished!


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Rachael commissioned this color pencil pin up as an anniversary gift for her husband for his man cave. He loves Michigan and plays the guitar and she loves the Stones so I incorporated those elements into the pin up.

“You are so talented and you flatter me! I love this. I love that you make women feel beautiful and that you bring out the femininity, sexiness, and fun in every single pin up you do. You see us in a way it’s hard for us to see ourselves.”


Traci side-by-side

Traci’s husband commissioned this color pencil as a gift for her birthday. She’s a big Dr. Who fan so I put her in a dress that River Song wore in the episode Day of the Moon. He was so happy couldn’t wait to give it to her so she got it early. He told me “I am in awe. You did such a Wonderful job. Its like you have known her for years.”


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Kellie coaches and empowers women to succeed in business and in life. She decided to rebrand herself and focus more on the goddess within. I created this beautiful pin up of Kellie to capture and inspire her inner goddess.


Melissa side_by_side

Melissa commissioned this oil pin up to give to her hubby for Father’s Day.

He’s in the 101st Airborne so we decided to put her in a sexy little version of the WWII formal uniform. She wanted me to make her legs the focus, which I did… beautifully! 😉


This beautiful lady’s boyfriend commissioned me to create this color pencil pin up of her as a mermaid, because she loves the ocean. She also loves the Anna’s Hummingbird so I incorporated its colors into her mermaid tail


Kristen commissioned this color pencil pin up as a gift for her boyfriend. They are both big fans of the TV show Outlander so she decided she wanted an Outlander theme. TV and movie themed pin ups are great ideas! Upon seeing her completed pin up portrait Kristen messaged me:

“It’s beautiful! I love it! I will put it into a special frame! The forget me nots are a special meaning and look so great! It’s soooo sexy! The wash of blue is gorgeous too! I am very happy with it; and it looks like me on a very perfect hair and make up day; only maybe a little more perfect!”


Melinda sidebyside

Melinda just came out of a very ugly divorce and commissioned this gorgeous color pencil to give her the confidence to start dating again. Get a good look at that face, you’ll be seeing her on TV very soon!


Jessica side by side

Jessica commissioned this color pencil pin up to be a wedding gift for her fiance.

She wanted me to draw her as Marvel comic’s Paylocke. I love comic book art so I had a blast with this one! When I showed Jessica the final piece, well, she couldn’t even..

“Omg!!!!! She is beautiful!!!!!!!! PERFECT JOB!!!!!! I’m going to have to give this to him sooner than the wedding lol! Maybe his birthday or Christmas lol! I can’t hold out long!!! This is incredible!! Thank you so much!”

Jen and Lorrie of Vintage South Productions

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Jen and Lorrie of Vintage South Productions (a television casting and production company) commissioned me to create them as pin ups for their new logo. This is oil on 18″ by 24″ canvas board.

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