Pinup Gallery 6


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commissioned this Pin Up of herself as a gift for her boyfriend’s birthday. Needless to say, he loved it!



Georgene commissioned this Pin Up for her husband. He loves it so much he is getting a tattoo of it!

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Diane_sidebysideDiane commissioned this pin up as a gift to herself. She wanted a beautiful portrait of herself without the many scars she bears from surgery. She loved it so much she is getting another pin up portrait done WITH her scars!


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Erin commissioned this pin up for her husband for their anniversary. He is a war veteran so she wanted something patriotic and vintage. Mission accomplished!

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TV star Courtney Stodden


This one was commissioned for reality TV star Courtney Stodden. Her Pin Up Fairy is oil on 18″ by 24″ canvas board.



JoAnn’s husband commissioned this Pin Up of her for Valentine’s Day. This one is color pencil on 11″ x 15″ artist paper. It is a more affordable option but just as stunning as the oils.

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Deborah commissioned this Pin Up of herself to give her husband for his birthday. She loves to cook and wear Gardenia’s in her hair. I will incorporate elements of your personality into your Pin Up too!

Singer Lorelei McBroom

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While this is not a typical Pin Up, I will do special orders. This one was commissioned by Lorelei McBroom, back up singer for Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. She commissioned me to create this beauty for her jewelry line.

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